Hi, I'm Scott Griffy. -- Introduction -- I've done a lot of various computer-related stuff in my life. Currently, I'm very interested in applied and theoretical cryptography and how to use it to solve societal and technical problems. Specifically, I've recently been working with randomizable signatures. -- Education/Jobs -- I'm currently a 3rd year PhD student in computer science at Brown where I'm working with Anna Lysyanskaya. I graduated from Portland State University with a master's in computer science in June 2019. I got my bachelor's in computer science from Oregon State University. I worked at Intel as a security researcher/engineer and co-authored a patent there. -- Academic Projects -- I co-authored (with Sofía Celi, Lucjan Hanzlik, Octavio Pérez Kempner, and Daniel Slamanig) a systematization of knowledge on signatures with randomizable keys, titled: SoK: Signatures With Randomizable Keys.
Our paper (with
Omid Mir, Balthazar Bauer, Anna Lysyanskaya, and Daniel Slamanig) titled: Aggregate Signatures with Versatile Randomization and Issuer-Hiding Multi-Authority Anonymous Credentials will be appearing in ACM CCS 2023 in Copenhagen!
I co-authored (with Anna Lysyanskaya) a paper using randomizable signatures for contact tracing, titled: PACIFIC: Privacy-preserving automated contact tracing scheme featuring integrity against cloning.
I co-authored (with David Pouliot and Charles Wright) a paper on searchable encryption that appeared at DSN 2019, titled: The Strength of Weak Randomization: Easily Deployable, Efficiently Searchable Encryption with Minimal Leakage.
My Master's thesis introduced a concrete version of a scheme for exceptional access. It is titled: Crumpled and Abraded Encryption: Implementation and Provably Secure Construction. PSU library link. Advisor: Charles V. Wright.
I presented work based on my master's thesis at DIMACS 2020 Workshop on Co-Development of Computer Science and Law.
-- Other Projects -- I run the cryptography reading group at Brown, so if you're in the area and would like to come present your work to the group, please reach out to me at myfirstname_mylastname@brown.edu. I used to help out at a club called "GEMS" (Game & Entertainment-Making Students) at Portland State University. I make Android games and apps. -- Techincal Write-ups -- Here's some old links to write-ups I've done on practical computer security: 2016-07-08 Reverse shell in shellcode. 2016-09-14 Using fuzzing to find bugs. Resume/CV